A Review of the Versatile Lightspeed 3 Compound Tent

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Lightspeed 3 Compound Tent


The Lightspeed 3 Room 8 Person 17.5 X 15 Compound Tent has been specially built for people who love camping out regularly. Based on specifications, the Lightspeed 3 has a lot of impressive features, but is the tent really suitable for camping?



The Lightspeed 3 Room 8 Person Compound Tent is very spacious and designed to be convenient to use.

 This tent has enough room so eight people can sleep in it, perfect if you like to camp out with a lot of your friends or family. Unlike other eight person tents, the Lightspeed 3 is really spacious, and it is very easy to set up.

This is possible because the pole system is partially integrated, so you won’t experience the problems usually associated with setting up pole tents. In addition the tent has a compression hub system so you can set up the tent quickly. 

Lightspeed 3 Compound Tent Review



The Lightspeed Compound Tent  is meant for heavy duty use.

It comes with a front porch and three rooms complete with dividers. However it isn’t perfect, and if you’re under 5’8 you’ll need some people to help you set the tent up since it is so big. The stakes could’ve been sturdier too, but that’s a really minor issue. As far as the ceiling is concerned, the tent is nearly 7 ft high, and the side vents allows air to flow freely.

In addition, the Lightspeed 3 vents can be covered for privacy and to keep rain and dust away. The tent isn’t just big though, as it is also built of solid materials such as 190T polyester fabric for the wall, steel and fiberglass for the poles and PE flooring, so this tent should be able to withstand strong wind and rain. The material isn’t just durable, but it’s not as light as aluminum so it doesn’t feel flimsy. 



Summary: Should you buy the Lightspeed 3 Room 8 Person Compound Tent?

This tent is perfect for you if you like to camp with your friends and tired of sleeping in a cramped tent, though it might be a little too big if you just go out with a couple of your buddies. But if you hike with just a few companions but bring along a lot of gear, the Lightspeed 3 Compound will be appropriate to suit your needs.

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A Review of the Versatile Lightspeed 3 Compound Tent, 2.9 out of 5 based on 14 ratings

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