Boss Audio ATV25B Review

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Boss Audio ATV25B Review


The Boss Audio ATV25B Bluetooth-Enabled All Terrain Amplified Sound System comes with special features and specifications designed to produce a powerful sound even on an ATV. While it’s very popular, the question is does the ATV25B really deliver as promised or is it just all hype?




The ATV25B was built using the latest technologies such as Bluetooth audio streaming and a waterproof poly injection core. With 450W maximum power, the ATV25B is fully marinized with paring auto reconnect and a soft dome diaphragm tweeter.

Other features include a plug and play installation, compatibility with mp3 players, smartphones and tablets. The ATV25B is not only well built but also comes with a one year warranty. Design wise it is very effective, and even with your helmet on and the engine full blast, you’ll hear the music clearly.

The fact that the speakers are waterproof is another plus.




The ATV25B is extremely versatile, and the built is very good, allowing you to use the system in different ways. There are other superior sound systems, but few produce as powerful a sound as this one for its price. Unless you set it at the maximum volume there is no distortion even when set at a high volume.

Setting the volume at 18-19 is loud enough if your vehicle is parked, but it has to be set higher if you’re on the go. Setting the ATV25B up to 27 will still produce a clear sound. One more thing is worth pointing out, and it’s that the ATV25B is very durable, and even if you go mud and water riding a lot the sound won’t be affected.




Summary: Should you buy the Boss Audio ATV25B All Terrain Amplified Sound System?

There are more powerful sound systems available, but for the price the ATV25B is hard to beat. It is very easy to mount on an ATV and as noted the sound is superb. The ATV25B also has a rugged look that you will like and in addition, the system is lightweight and portable, and cleaning is easy to do as well.

One of the most common problems with sound systems for ATVs is they’re just not loud enough, but the ATV25B is a notable exception.

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Boss Audio ATV25B Review, 2.8 out of 5 based on 9 ratings

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