Callaway Razr Laser Rangefinder Review

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Callaway Razr Laser Rangefinder Review

All of us don’t have the talent to spot things immediately. Rangefinders help you to focus on things far off from your vision and click them immediately. You can take photographs at a distance more accurately and the focus will be spot-on. Earlier, rangefinders used to show only the focusing distance and the photographer had to transfer the value he gets to the focus ring.

Today, thanks to technology, you get better readings and many rangefinders automatically focus on the subject you view!


Though there are many options in the market, Nikon’s latest Callaway Razr Laser is making waves lately. The latest model from Nikon has it all, the looks and performance. It is trimmer, sleeker and is 10% smaller than its predecessor. The front unit is compact and will fit into anyone’s hands like a second glove.

The rubbery case material that comes with the device is definitely hand-friendly and offers the perfect tactility even under moist conditions. The body color is attractive without being on your face! Overall, with its new case and compact design, the new Callaway Razr Laser is definitely an eye pleaser!



The device packs some powerful performance and comes with a lot of amazing specs. For starters, the device is fog-proof and shock resistant, a mandatory requirement when the device is used outdoors. It is sealed with O-rings and filled with nitrogen gas which makes it a water-proof device as well.

The battery chamber doesn’t come with similar coatings. For an enhanced light transmittance, the device has multiple optical coats. You get a focusing diopter by merely winding the required action on the eyepiece. It offers constant updates about the ranging in progress through the reticle. It has the capacity to differentiate objects at a distance for 8 seconds.



The Callaway Razr laser is lightweight and easy to carry around, thanks to the compact design. There is a built-in carabiner which provides an easy access from the back packs or tour bags you carry when you go out. It contains a travel pouch which offers adequate protection while shipping and lens care. The product also comes with a CR2 lithium battery (3 volts).

The rangefinder is also simple to use. You have to use the push button to turn on/off the device and use the same to measure the distance of the object you are trying to focus.

If you want to view the distance in meters rather than yards, you just have to push the mode button. You can aim using the device with just one hand and you can read the measurement easily with or without the sun glasses! Overall, it is a perfect laser!

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