Davis 6250 Vantage Review

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Davis Instruments 6250 Vantage Review

Davis Instruments have introduced their next weather station called the Vantage Vue™. It is the ultimate weather station bundled with Davis’ trademark reliability and sturdiness.

The Vantage station comes packed with features, highly accurate readings and priced well within everybody’s budget. You can install the station in a matter of minutes and easily learn to use it.





It has a built-in frequency-hopping spread spectrum radio technology, easy wireless data transmission for up to 300 meters, constant weather updates, user-friendly keypad with glow-in-the-dark feature, data on-screen graphing and more.

It is a compact and sleek weather station that doesn’t occupy too much of your home space. It comes with a sturdy outdoor sensor and a quality LD console. Vantage Vue has unique weather control functions providing detailed information about the constant change in the weather conditions.

It is a radio-compatible with Davis’ Vantage Pro2 weather stations. This means, you have the flexibility to mix-and-match most components.

Davis 6250 Vantage Vue review

The Davis Vantage Vue offers information on both outdoor and indoor temperature. The Display shows wind data including direction, speed, temperature and the highest gust. The rain rate and rainfall given are accurate. It displays the exact time of sunrise, sunset and moon phase.

You get constant weather updates usually every 21/2 second. The weather center records the speed of any wind blow between 2 mph and 150 mph. It updates any indoor temperature between 32 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. There is solar-powered backup. It comes with sealed electronics in the integrated sensor suite which provides protection against outer elements.




The screen is a LCD and the keypad comes with glow-in-the-dark feature. It offers accurate data transmission through frequency-hopping spread spectrum radio. There are up to 22 alarms to warn against extreme weather. It offers optional WeatherLink software to provide detailed weather analysis and data storage.

In short, Vantage Vue is your one-stop solution for all your weather data requirements. The station offers detailed information on the current weather conditions, weather forecast, sunrise or sunset time, moon phase, weather trends in the form of graphs and more. Vantage Vue also comes with an innovative Weather Center button offering any added information you require.

This is the most sophisticated weather center you will find in the market. It is not one of those cheap home-store versions available in the market. You can completely rely on Vantage Vue to offer accurate and impeccable weather statistics.

You can assemble it easily and program it with the help of the precise and easy-to-follow set-up guide bundled with the weather station. What are you waiting for? Get the Vantage Hue station today and get weather updates from the most comprehensive weather center.


Check out Davis Instruments 6250 Vantage Vue Wireless Weather Station at amazon.com.



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