Emotion Renegade XT Angler Kayak Review

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Emotion Renegade XT Angler Kayak

The  Emotion Renegade XT Angler Kayak was built to provide comfort and stability and has a host of features designed to make kayaking a user friendly experience. Does this kayak from Emotion really deliver an enjoyable kayaking experience, or will it fall short of expectations?

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The Emotion Renegade has many features intended to be user friendly. 

A sit on top kayak, the Renegade XT is lightweight, making maneuvering very easy, although the XT’s very lightness can be a problem as it can overturn more easily than other kayaks. That being said, the XT is very user friendly, and even if you haven’t been on a kayak before you’ll find this very comfortable, and it’s more than capable of taking in large paddlers with no problem.

It also comes with a tankwell that can fit a dog or small child, and there’s a back rest so you can kayak in comfort. As far as durability goes, it’s of high-density polyethylene built and with full UV protection. If you buy the unit, it comes with a hatch for storage purposes as well as two rod holders.

Emotion Renegade XT Angler Kayak Review


The Renegade XT is very maneuverable and versatile.

This is a very versatile kayak, and true to the claim maneuvering is a breeze. Tracking is all right though it could be better, although if you’re experienced in kayaking you won’t have problems with it even in rough water. It’s not just spacious, but the slots for the feet are really useful particularly if you are tall, and the dry box really is dry.

However, the biggest selling point for many would probably be its width, which is greater than any in its class right now. And while the XT is light, you can actually stand on it. Furthermore, the Renegade XT has well designed handles and an integral stem that makes it less of a burden to carry around.



Summary: Should you buy this Angler Kayak?

The tracking could use some improvement but overall the Renegade XT is a decent kayak and provides good value for your money. There  is plenty of competition but for the money this is hard to beat. It’s wider than most other kayaks and the provision it makes for tall people is a real plus. If you’ve got some experience kayaking and looking for a good value, check out the Renegade XT.

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Emotion Renegade XT Angler Kayak Review, 3.2 out of 5 based on 19 ratings

2 Responses to Emotion Renegade XT Angler Kayak Review

  1. A Richard Agosta says:

    Hello will I be able to put an electric motor on the back of this kayak

    • Chris says:

      Well, everything is possible but standard there is no attachment for a electric motor. You could probably make some brackets of some kind yourself to be able to attach a motor.

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