Fisher F75 Metal Detector Review

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Fisher F75 Metal Detector

Are you an adventure junky who enjoys going on treasure hunting? Are you equipped with all the adventure detectors? Do you have a metal detector as a part of your adventure list?

If not, it is high time you buy one! You don’t have to search for an ideal metal detector when there is Fisher F75. It stands apart from the other metal detectors for the multiple features it offers under various circumstances.

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F75 is one of the very few metal detectors that come with the ideal combination: light-weight, well-balanced, extremely sensitive and has a large LCD screen showing the target identification, its confidence (an innovative feature) and depth.

It comes with a compact hand support that makes it extremely easy to carry around. It is a good multi-purpose metal detector which can be used for gold or relic hunting and coin shooting.

Fisher F75 Metal Detector Review

F75 is the best ergonomics available in the industry. There are double-filter discrimination modes. You can search for metals in trashy areas by eliminating the unwanted metals from the junk. With the discrimination modes, you don’t have to waste time searching through unwanted objects. It contains a menu and settings button which offers an easy access to the general settings and the features available on the metal detector.

The screen has a backlight. The particular feature is extremely useful when you go hunting on low lighting conditions. You don’t have to squint to get the readings. The back light feature makes it easier for you to read the information provided on the screen. Fisher F75 comes with 4-AA alkaline batteries offering more than 40 hours of backup.



F75 is one of the best metal detectors you will find in the market. The sturdy build will last through any weather conditions and terrains since it has a double-D waterproof search coil. It also contains a rain cover for control and battery housing.

The accessories available with the metal detector are headphones, a cover to protect the screen from rain and dust, a coin and tool pouch, test team window decal from Kellyco, a handy backpack, a 3-in-1 tool kit containing digger, scoop and sifter, a detector carry bag compatible with any weather and more!

Once you buy F75, you don’t have the hassle of finding matching accessories for the detector. Everything comes bundled with the detector once you buy. To offer a smooth experience, the company also offers a step-by-step guide offering instruction on how to assemble and use the detector. An added advantage is the 5-years warranty!

Check out Fisher F75 Metal Detector at for current price and shipping.



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