GolfBuddy GB-WT3 Golf Watch Review

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GolfBuddy GB-WT3 Golf Watch

The GolfBuddy GB-WT3 Golf GPS/Range Finder Watch aims to push a golfer’s game to the limit by supplementing their skills with advanced technology. So does this game watch really help you on the green? Here are some things you might be interested in.




Never feel lost in the middle of a game ever again. If you’re having trouble estimating a difficult shot, or trying to maneuver past hazards, this is the golf watch for you. With it’s easy to navigate GPS interface, you can see the layout of the land via its Dynamic Green view and plan each swing ahead of time.

Moveable pin placements help you make calculated decisions on how to best maneuver the green with the least amount of swings. Swing like a pro with the watch’s short distance measurement feature, which estimates the distance between your position and the hole so you can calculate your next swing’s strength and direction.

All menu items like the Digital Scorecard, Play Settings, Target, Pin Positioning and GPS tracking are all accessible through simple press-and-hold of the side buttons, making for easier navigation, even for people who are not tech savvy. It also doubles as a regular wristwatch for everyday use. With its simple, sleek black color, it’s a great accessory to wear even if you’re not on the green.


GolfBuddy GB-WT3 Golf Watch review


Track Your Performance With The GolfBuddy

The golf watch is loaded with over 36,000 courses worldwide, and you have the ability to track your performance on each course via the Digital Scorecard. This enables you to see your performance on each course and determine where you’re having problems and what your strong points are. The GB-WT3 comes with a rechargeable battery with a 50-day standby mode lifespan. This means you don’t have to worry about your golf watch running out of juice in the middle of the green.


Summary: Should You Buy GolfBuddy GB-WT3 Golf GPS/Range Finder Watch?

Some people may say that skill and talent in golf will come naturally with experience and playing repeatedly on the same courses. However, a little help from technology never hurt anybody. This is definitely something that’s recommended for people who want to keep abreast of their competition and jump start their way into a steady and successful golf career, or even for professional golfers who want to take their skills to the next level.

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GolfBuddy GB-WT3 Golf Watch Review, 4.2 out of 5 based on 6 ratings

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