Mares Puck Dive Computer Review

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Mares Puck Dive Computer

The new Puck Dive computer display has large, easy- to-read digits are ideal for divers in need to wear computer on the wrist. The PUCK is the result of the latest Mares technology and is appropriately designed to ensure maximum safety, efficiency, reliability and long life.

The device is a full function RGBM (Reduced Gradient Bubbles Model) dive computer with backlight on demand. If backlighting get disabled due to low temperature, one can repeat the battery status check by entering SYSTEM mode.

At that time, the backlighting function re-enables for low light conditions. The Puck 2 Computer uses Mares-Wienke RGBM algorithm. The RGBM considers the phenomenon of micro-bubbles in order to prevent the formation.


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According to Dr. Bruce Wienke in the Los Alamos laboratories, today it is the most evolved algorithm for reducing the formation of micro-bubbles with actual dive times. The easy excess push buttons allow the diver to operate the computer in all conditions, even when wearing thick gloves.

The process of navigation through the computer programs is simple and very user-friendly. There are three special function modes: Air, Nitrox and Bottom Time. The Puck 2 Console has a maximum depth display of 492′, a 38 hours memory capacity. It also runs on a user replaceable 3 Volt CR2450 lithium battery with a power indicator.

Moreover, puke dive has ascent rate indicators and is altitude adjustable that made is very popular. The Puck also has a watch, date and temperature functions and an optional USB interface for logging dives on your PC, SKU: MRSPCNMW PC Interface.

When the diver performs multi-level, multiple dives during a single day or multiple dives over several days, he can choose necessary setting levels in order to adjust the computer to a more traditional dive profile. Diver can also set AUDIBLE ALARMS and the alarm for any DEEPSTOPS is always enabled.

The Puck includes a safety stop as well. When the DEEP STOP icon appears, pressing the button will display the estimated stop required.



Mares Puck Dive Computer review



The plastic lens of the device is not immune to scratches caused by improper use. Therefore, the plastic lens is protected by a ‘plastic lens cover’ and is easily replaceable.

For more extensive data storage, management and viewing functionality, one can use a PC with a USB interface (optional). The bottom line is that Puke dive has moved away from the traditional setup menu to the method of scrolling, where all the options are simply given in sequence.


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