Nike VRS Victory Speed Covert Driver Review

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Nike Golf Men's VRS Victory Red Speed Covert Driver Review


The Nike VRS Covert Hybrid by far would be the most advanced drivers in the world. What it offers is the world’s first revolutionary High Speed Cavity back design for longer and straighter shots. This number 4 hybrid offers a Loft of about 20 degrees and its advanced NexCOR Face Technology also creates the hottest hybrid ever.

It also features the revolutionary Mitsubishi Rayon Kuro Kage Black 70 shaft built to give you an extra edge over other drivers. At just 1 pound, the weight also offers an added advantage over other bulky drivers.




The VRS Victory Red provides greater swing velocity and power. Perhaps the most sought after feature would be its adjustable launch angle which with proper adjustments customizes the club for each and every single game that you play. The advanced NexCOR Face technology also delivers faster and longer shots across maximum distances and wider face areas.

The Nike VRS Covert’s club face is really very stable, and its off-center hits even go straighter than most drivers that are commercially available today. The shaft material of the VRS Covert is made of graphite and it comes in three flexes Regular, Ladies and Stiff.



What strikes most is the Nike VRS Covert Hybrid’s square face angle which in itself is a brilliant display of technical excellence. The feature enables the player to make a straight and tighter impact with a solid loft. It is also perhaps Nike’s fastest club.

The VRS Covert is built for speed and control and for the same reason it has also found its place on the Golf Digest list for being what is described as the hottest selling among Nike’s other drivers. The Loft provided with the club is 11.5 degrees and it comes in two hand orientations Left and Right.



The VRS Victory comes in striking red which really makes it a visual delight. The features that come with it also go quite well with professionals as well as amateurs who have a knack for the sport and would want a solid whack heard when they swing. A true golf geek’s delight which although priced a little above average would provide true money’s worth.

The VRS Covert with all its key performance features provides a healthy and delightful golfing rendezvous with your buddies during weekends. Golf can never get this better. A gem of an achievement brought out by Nike, a global leader in sports gear and accessories.

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Nike VRS Victory Speed Covert Driver Review, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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