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Oru is a company dedicated to providing a unique, durable, comfortable, and sustainable kayak. Kayak lovers will fall in love with the concept of this kayak and the values that the Oru Company displays.

The unique factor that the Oru Kayak has is its ability to fold. Designer Anton Wills created this boat after needing to put his kayak into storage. He wanted to create a kayak that was similar to an origami structure and that could be folded easily, which is how the Oru Kayak was born. Kayakers can now keep their kayak folded neatly in a carrying bag that fits practically anywhere.

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oru kayak review
One would think that a boat that folds would not be sturdy and durable, but that is definitely not the case with an Oru Kayak. Despite its weight of only 26 pounds the boat is able to hold between 260 to 300 pounds, which is credited to the product’s materials and structure. There is only one seam on the entire kayak. This seam is located at the top of the boat (above the waterline) and is closed with a waterproof seal to ensure protection.


oru kayak assembling


Protection assurance and durability continues to shine all throughout this boat as Oru knows it is what consumers are looking for. Double layered polypropylene is the tough material that this kayak is made of and is what allows it to be so resilient and abrasion resistant. Oru placed two layers of this customized formulated material to suit their specific needs and this has a manufacturer rating of 20,000 fold cycles; that’s a lot of water time!

As stated above, this boat only weighs 26 pounds and can be stored in a carry case. A kayaker will find that this is very easy to carry, set up on the water, and dismantle when finished. Kayakers will also find that Oru does not compromise comfort for durability. Comfortable foam seating is what this boat is equipped with. There is both a fully adjustable back rest and an adjustable foot rest to also maximize comfort while out on those long trips.


oru kayak unpacking
No longer will boaters complain about the lack of storage space or how difficult it is to get in and out of their kayak. The Oru Kayak has two rubber deck straps that are excellent for storing extra gear. As far as an easy entry goes, the company has designed this kayak with a reinforced cockpit. Kayakers will now be able to get in and out of the boat much easier than in a standard kayak.

Sustainability is a concerning concept that many individuals consider when purchasing different products. Oru understands the sustainability concerns and has created a kayak that is fully recyclable. Apart from this, the company takes pride in having a manufacturing process that uses 70% less petroleum than the other standard kayak models.

When it comes to purchasing a kayak it will be an easy decision for most. The Oru Kayak definitely has all of the features and extras that will make days out on the water very enjoyable and comfortable.

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