Red Paddle Co 10’8 Active Yoga Inflatable SUP Board Review

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Interested in learning to maintain your balance for farther surfing courses? How about paddling while standing on water? Water entertainment has gained a new definition with the modern paddle boards. Basically, they look like classic surf boards, only they are inflatable.

They make excellent choices for amateurs, as well as experienced users. But then, given the growing popularity of this market, it is obvious that it was invaded by all kinds of products. Some of them are better than others, so, which one is right for you? This is when Red Paddle Co 10’8 Active Yoga Inflatable Stand Up Paddle SUP Board kicks in to push your paddling experience to the next level.

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Red Paddle Co 10'8 Active Yoga Inflatable stand up paddle board



Available in one large size – 10’8” in length and 34” in width, this paddle board is excellent for both adults and children. It only weighs 28 pounds, yet the whole kit may go up to 36 pounds. As for the total weight support, paddlers can ride it to 220 pounds (more than 100 kilograms).

Unlike other boards that only take children or slim adults, this one is excellent for people of all sizes, except for the overweight ones. It has a 296 liter volume, so it is large enough to help in maintaining a good balance. For this reason, the paddle can be used for all kinds of activities.


Red Paddle Co 10'8 Active Yoga Inflatable SUP board


Some people use it for yoga, while others like it for pilates. Most users choose this board for standing and paddling. It is certainly relaxing to see the water level from a new height. On a different note, newbie surfers will also benefit from the board. Sure, you cannot catch any large waves with an inflatable board, but it is excellent for the balance.

Maintaining your balance is one of the first things to learn in the attempt to become a good surfer. All in all, whether you want to use this board on the sea, a river or perhaps a large pool, it can be done.


Red Paddle Co 10'8 Active Yoga SUP


The EVA deck pad prevents slipping, but it also adds to the grip and comfort. The material leaves no room for mistakes. It is extremely thick – 120 millimeters, but it also carries material grade standards for durability. The construction is double layered. Both layers are tough, but they are also enhanced with quadruple layer rails. Worried about control and stability? The unit has three fins to help you maintain the right direction.

Apart from the paddle board, the package also comes with a backpack to carry the unit, as well as a pressure gauge and titan pump. Feeling concerned about its durability? You got a repair kit as well, just in case. The board can take 15 to 25psi, so it becomes extremely stiff and solid while on the water.




• Excellent for workouts, yoga, pilates, newbie surfers and standing paddlers
• Extra stiffness – 15 to 25psi
• Thick military grade material and double layers for durability
• Comes with a titan pump and a repair kit
• The carrying backpack is included in the package



• Not as stiff and sturdy as a solid board
• Not suitable for large surfing Waves




In the end, Red Paddle Co 10’8 Active Yoga Inflatable Stand Up Paddle SUP Board represents a great choice for all kinds of water related activities. From relaxing on the water surface to learning more about surfing balance, this is one of those paddle boards designed by professional standards. Given its quality and stiffness, it can just as well be used on fast rivers. However, you should stick to low waters if you cannot swim.

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Red Paddle Co 10'8 Active Yoga Inflatable SUP Board Review, 4.5 out of 5 based on 4 ratings

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