Solstice Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard Review

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The water experience of a lifetime has never been closer. A new type of entertainment seems to take over the water world and it is easy to realize why. These days, the classic water mattress is no longer so popular, especially since it implies plenty of effort while paddling with your hands.

Instead, the inflatable paddle board takes over. You can paddle while standing, but you can just as well get an attachable seat and do it from a more comfortable position. There are more products to choose from, yet Solstice Inflatable Stand-Up Light Weight Paddleboard is definitely one of the most attractive ones. So, what should you expect from it?

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Solstice Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard Review



The size is extremely important when purchasing a paddle board. Get one that is too narrow for you and you risk losing your balance. This unit measures 130×30.5×4 inches when inflated, as well as 33x12x10 inches when folded. In other words, it is large enough to support both adults and children.

When folded, you do not need to make such a big effort to carry it. Just get it inside a backpack and choose the right place for a water adventure. The carrying bag is included in the package. Carrying it around is not so complicated, as it weighs around 35lbs.

Apart from the carrying bag, the package includes the inflatable paddle board – the Bali 35128 model – and the paddle. The paddle board is made of 1000 deniers 3 ply PVC. The material can successfully take all kinds of abuse on the water, especially since the fabric is also reinforced.


Solstice Inflatable SUP


While it does have some limitations, you can throw it on the floor without worrying about it, not to mention hitting stones while riding on water. Of course, such things are less likely to happen on clear waters, but mostly on rivers. The top part is enhanced with a large EVA nonslip traction material. It guarantees for a comfortable touch, as well as a top-notch grip.

When it comes to the paddle, it carries the same Solstice quality standards. It is made of aluminum. It also floats on the surface of the water, so you are less likely to lose it if you accidentally drop it. It consists of three pieces, only to make adjustments a breeze. Whether it is too long or too short for a comfortable position, you can adjust it between 65 and 84 inches.


Solstice Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard


Inflating and deflating the board does not cause too much trouble. You should normally inflate it at 15psi. The whole operation takes around 5 minutes. When it comes to deflating it, the whole job can be quite frustrating – just like for any other thing that requires deflating before being packed.




• Quite easy to unroll and pump before going on the water
• Pumping does not take more than 5 minutes at 15psi
• The material is sturdy and durable
• Comes with a carrying bag



• Annoying to deflate, so some people keep it inflated year round
• Not as strong and durable as a solid board




As a short final conclusion, Solstice Inflatable Stand-Up Light Weight Paddleboard can definitely add to your vacation or pool experience. Got some water nearby? Interested in learning to surf? Make sure that you stick to low waters if you are not a good swimmer.

Although maintaining the balance is not hard, you might take a few falls before learning how to do it by the book. Furthermore, the package has everything you require for an immediate use. There are many useful accessories compatible with this paddle board though, yet you will need to buy them separately.

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Solstice Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard Review, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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