Uniden Public Safety Receiver ( Homepatrol-1) Review

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Uniden Public Safety Receiver Review


HomePatrol-1 simple program scanner lets you swiftly hear the communications systems used by Public Safety, Aircraft, Military, Weather Spotters, and More. Simply enter your zip code and HomePatrol-1 does the rest.

Whether it is across town or across the street, HomePatrol-1 keeps you up to date. It is great for use as a mobile base or handheld.


Uniden Public Safety Receiver


Be up to date of the local action with the Home Patrol- 1.  You simply set your radio and turn it on to hear urgent situation calls, weather spotters, and public safety activities. Keep up with fire and ambulance calls as well as weather alerts directly from local weather spotters to stay on top of probable danger in your area or neighborhood.

Enter your zip code and HomePatrol-1 will by design find the channels available to you. When you find the one you like, simply touch the channel button to lock and hold on that conversation.



Or you can just as effortlessly mark it as one of your favorites with the touch of a button. Use it on the road to help beat traffic due to road blocks, accidents and more. HomePatrol-1 lets you hear about road and traffic conditions all along your course.

HomePatrol-1 automatically monitors local agencies (GPS required, not included) as you drive so you can stay clued-up on local traffic and road conditions. Stay alert to hear severe weather and prevent possible disaster by getting the scoop directly from the source.




The Home Patrol- 1 easily sets service types, it can record and playback, the quick hold allows you to tap on the channel name to lock and hold on to any system, department or channel, see agency information at a glance and the on-screen controls let you quickly access features you’ll use the most.

The Home Patrol-1 is an amazing piece of technology. The touch screen scanner requires very little user input, and has the entire US frequency database in its memory. For the most part, the HP-1 makes scanning as simple as can be. You hook up the scanner to your PC, and run the Uniden Sentinel Software.

The software downloads the latest frequency database from Radio Reference. You upload the database to the scanner, and you’re good to go. Just enter your Zip Code, City, or GPS coordinates, and the HP-1 will scan all the agencies in your area.

It allows you to even can even hook up an optional GPS unit to automatically follow your location. You set the range of the scanner from 0-30 miles to limit how far away the agencies are that the scanner will attempt to scan.

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Uniden Public Safety Receiver ( Homepatrol-1) Review, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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