Wenzel Kodiak’s Family Cabin Tent Review

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The cost of going on a vacation can be pretty alarming for some families, which is why a lot of individuals are opting to stay at a campground over staying in a hotel. Wenzel Kodiak gets this and has created a tent that is perfect for vacationing.

The family cabin dome tent is a large two room cabin styled tent that is spacious enough and comfortable enough for the entire family.

Wenzel Kodiak’s Family Cabin Tent Review
Wenzel Kodiak’s family cabin dome tent can sleep up to nine people comfortably. There is a sewn in room divider that creates two separate sleeping areas. Families can now give each other some privacy and space when camping, which is something that most tents on the market cannot provide.

Another feature that sets this tent apart from the rest is its ability to house two queen size air mattresses. Now families can tent camp without compromising comfort.


It is not uncommon for unpredictable weather conditions to threaten a perfectly good camping trip. Wenzel Kodiak understands this and kept this concern in mind when creating the family cabin dome tent.

Thanks to the company’s idea of developing a tent with a full coverage rainfly and welded polyethylene floors campers no longer have to worry about rain negatively impacting their trip. Staying safe and dry is a big priority to campers and therefore these features are sure to impress.

With that being said, unpredictable weather conditions do not just refer to rain and water damage. High winds are also an issue that can have a hazardous impact to a tent; however, the family cabin dome tent is made of durable material and comes with high quality stakes.

Campers will no longer have to concern themselves with wind damage that could occur while on their camping trip.


One might also enjoy knowing that this tent has many different windows including on the roof, which allows campers to control ventilation. This means that campers can enjoy the summer breeze at night with the windows open, keeping everyone comfortable and cool. Campers can also ensure warmth by keeping the windows zipped up tight.

The same concept takes place with regards to the view and light. Campers that want a view of the sky and scenery have the option to keep their windows open while campers who do not want a view and do not wish to have light coming into their tent have the option to keep their windows closed.

It is clear to see why so many campers are opting to purchase Wenzel Kodiak’s family cabin dome tent. Although stylish and modern this tent does not lack quality and durability. Campers will find that this tent will meet (and exceed) all of their expectations. Everything that someone could want in a tent can be found in the family cabin dome tent.


Overall, this high quality tent offers campers a home away from home. Whether campers are looking to pitch a tent in their backyard or on a mountain this tent is sure to be great for any kind of vacation getaway.


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Wenzel Kodiak’s Family Cabin Tent Review, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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