Winbest Sharp Edition Review

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Winbest Sharp Edition Metal Detector Review


Treasure hunters rejoice, a new exciting product is here for you to try! The Sharp edition metal detector will provide all of your needs, with some new and exciting features for improved performance. It is made by Barska, a leading company in the optics industry with distributors in over 40 countries, so when you buy this metal detector you know it is going to be top of the line.

The new Sharp edition can detect any type of metal and display it on the updated interface so you know what you are standing right on top of. With the Sharp metal detector from Barska you will always know what lies just beneath the surface.




Normally, you could walk right over all kinds of valuable items – coins, jewelry, even precious metals like gold and silver. Underneath the ground you can find things that have been dropped, lost, forgotten, or even never before discovered. But now, you won’t pass up these wonderful surprises. Whether you are new to metal detecting, an enthusiast, or a bonafide treasure hunter, the Winbest Sharp metal detector has something to offer.

It comes with two different operation modes, which allow you to detect all types of metal or can choose which types of metals to search for and which ones you want to ignore. This can save you the time and disappointment of digging up junk. No more searching around for nails, cans, bottle caps, and other worthless objects.


Winbest Sharp Edition Review


This product now includes an LCD display for easy readouts and identification, and has a headphone jack if you still want to hear that satisfying “beep.” An arrow on the display will point out the type of metal below giving you the ultimate view into exactly what’s under the ground.

The display will even tell you the depth of the object being detected, so you will know just how far to dig down to get it! Use this feature and many more to become a professional treasure hunter and discover the excitement of unearthing all kinds of wonderful objects.




No matter your experience level you can find something to love in this great product. The stem comes adjustable for ease and comfort of use for people of all sizes. It is lightweight and durable, making it ideal for taking on long walks, trips to the beach, or where ever your searches take you. The search coil is even waterproof up to 8 inch depth, so even shallow water won’t stop you!

If you are interested in this exciting activity that actually pays you, then get the Sharp edition metal detector to experience the very best that treasure hunting has to offer.

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Winbest Sharp Edition Review, 2.8 out of 5 based on 4 ratings

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